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I hate the people on this site who complain about the stupidest of things.

Do I care if you hate the fact the sky is blue instead of red? No.

Do I give a damn if you hate you're neighbor because he walks around in nothing but a bath robe? NO.

Do you honestly think I care if you hate so and so because they believe in something you don't. NOOO!

Why have people turned to social networking to state their dumb opinions? I mean, don't get me wrong, sites like this let people know they're aren't alone in what they hate, but I think people come here and spam the dumbest things they can think of to see if it is passed through. Jan 26 2:22 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Can you imagine if I went on a rampage and just put, "First world problem!" on every post that seemed trivial? My doucheometer would be pegged for sure.
me too (29)

I hate solicitors. They make me uncomfortable because I feel bad for their shitty jobs and have no choice but to be nice to them. Yes, at least it's a job. No, that does not mean I have to like them. Especially the ones who won't get the fuck out of the business I work for. They persistently keep asking for "the owner" even after I tell them 5 times "no, thank you" very politely. I'm not being disgustingly nice to them anymore. Nov 2 4:10 PM UTC
me too (8)

I hate the fact that Apple won't make their phones into the shape of an actual apple. Aug 17 10:22 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Makes sense. Not to mention...too bad Microsoft isn't really small and soft.
me too (45)

I hate obnoxious political zealots. The young and stupid democrats screaming about keeping laws off their bodies and out of their lives in the streets and the loud obnoxious old republicans barking about the evils of abortion and that God hates fags. Seriously, why can't they just shut up long enough to hear that their opponent is a PERSON who might actually have a POINT. I hate all the selfish people and their dang political agendas! Aug 22 11:43 PM UTC
me too (39)

Basically, busses can SUCK. I have put ALL my frustrations into this video called: "The Truth About The Bus."

Have a watch, fuel your anger!!!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4vUP7b7RWI Jun 26 10:18 AM UTC
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I fucking hate that black and white female cat that sits outside my door and meows all night. If I let her inside she just meows later than she wants out and then wants back in again. I fucking hate her so much! I sprayed her with water. I wish the vet would cut her voice box out. The stupid Safe Haven Humane Society is always full and won't take her. And Heartland Humane Society won't take her because I live in the wrong county. I fucking hate the lousy animal shelter in my town. They never take in cats. Theyre moving to a bigger location so they can hold more animals but that won't be for two years. I know that it would be very wrong to hurt the cat. So, I'm just going to keep spraying her with water since she plays mind games with me. Feb 25 11:27 AM UTC
me too (12)

I hate when you drop something and see it land right in front of you but somehow it mysteriously disappears! WHAT THE FUCK! You fell right in front of me on a bare, flat floor, what fucking black hole from hell did you fall into??? Then you're left to hopelessly crawl around for about a half hour only to give up and accept that it's gone forever or find it somewhere stupid like in your shoe. Jan 15 6:31 AM UTC
me too (154)

I hate when white people ask to touch my hair just because I'm black. I'm not a fucking dog you don't get to touch me! I am not a pet, a sheep, or anything else you'd like to rub on. I hate when anyone tries too touch my hair period. I have no idea where your hands have been. You could've just gotten done picking your nose or digging in your ass and you really expect me to be ok with you sticking your grubby little paws in my hair? You're crazy! I hate the dumb questions even more. Is it true that black people don't wash their hair? Uh is it true white people have lice? Doesn't feel good does it. It just makes me think that these people have never been around a different race before and therefore think its ok to ask dumb stupid ignorant questions. Leave me and my hair alone! Sep 10 5:58 PM UTC
me too (114)

I hate it when people play a song repeatedly. That's one way to fuck up an otherwise good song. I don't want to hear the same thing being played 200 times today, just because it's cool! That's fucking lunacy! After listening to any song for the 7th time in a row, I end up wanting to cram the radio into the offender's ears so that they can listen to repeats of teir favourite song without disturbing the rest of the world. Jul 6 11:30 AM UTC
me too (177)

I hate rechargeable batteries for small devices like cameras, because they never hold a charge even after you've charged them according to the manufacturer's specifications. The AA rechargeable batteries especially give me a headache because my digital camera requires them. No matter which brand i try, be it Kodak, or Energizer, or some Chinese brand, I can never get more than a handful of pictures in without the battery going flat. I've had a couple vacations turned bad, and a class project I was lucky to pass, thanks to beign forced to run around town looking for regular AA batteries because my rehargeable batteries failed me whilst I was getting an important shot. And the pathetic thing is that the regular batteries held a charge far much better than the rechargeable batteries. I know that we need to be more concerned about the environment and other shit, but can the battery companies please test their products BEFORE releasing them to the public? How am I going to make the environment better if I have to throw away products that do not work like the pro-green advocates claimed it would? To get the same number of shots as the regular batteries, I have to recharge a typical rechargeable battery 3 TIMES! Given that these things take at least 7 hours to fill up, that means I'll have to waste a day waiting whilst a ton of photo opportunities pass me by. How fucked up is that? May 24 12:06 PM UTC
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