"i hate everything equally"
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- Masterhater
I hate... abuse accidents acne addiction ads advice age aim alcohol alone america american americans anger angry animals annoying anorexia apple art ass assholes attention authority awkward babies bad habits bands bathroom bathrooms beauty bed birds birthday bitch bitches black blacks blame blood body boobs books bored boredom boring boss bosses boyfriend boyfriends boys break up breaking up brother bugs bullies bullshit burn bus bush business canada cancer candy car cars cat cats celebrities celebrity cell phones cereal change chatting cheap cheating childhood children christianity christians christmas class clothes clothing coffee cold college commercials complaining computer computers confidence confusion control conversation cool cops couples crap crazy credit crime crush crying culture customers cutting dad dating dead death decisions democrats depressed depression dirty disease disgusting dishonesty disrespect distance doctors dog dogs dorms drama dreams drink drinking drivers driving drugs drunk dumb dvd eating eatting economy education ego email embarassing emo emotions english environment equality everyone everything evil ex ex-boyfriends exes expensive eyes facebook fag fake family fart farting farts fashion fast food fat father fear feelings feet finals flirting food forget french friend friends friendship fuck fun funny games gas gay gays ghetto gifts girl girlfriend girls god goth government grades grammar greed gross growing up guilt gum guys gym hair halloween happy hate hatebook haters health height high school hippies history holidays home homework horny hot humanity humor hungry hurt husband hypocrisy hypocrites idiot idiots ignorance ignorant ignored im insects insomnia internet ipod jealous jealousy jeans jerks job jobs joke jokes judgemental judging kids language late lazy lesbian liberals lies life like lines listening lol loneliness lonely looks loser loud love mainstream makeup manners marriage masterhater masturbation math me mean media memories memory men microsoft milk mind mom money morning mornings mother mouth movies moving mtv mum murder music myself myspace names nasty neighbors news nice niggers noise nose obnoxious obsession ocd old old people online opinions pain paranoia parents paris hilton parking parties party pee penis people period periods personality pets phone phones pictures plans pointless police politics poop poor pop popular popularity porn posers posts pot poverty pregnant president pride privacy problems procrastination professors public questions quiet race racism racist radio rain random rap rape reality rednecks regret relationship relationships religion republicans respect restaurant rich roommate roommates rude rules sad scared scene school science secret self self esteem selfish sex sexism shallow shaving shit shoes shopping shower shy sick sickness singing sister skinny slang sleep sleeping slow slut sluts smart smell smoking snow society socks song songs spam speech speeding spelling spoiled sports starbucks staring stealing stereotypes stomach stores stress students studying stupid stupid people stupidity style suicide summer talking taste taxes teacher teachers technology teenagers teens teeth television tests texting thinking time tired toilet toilet paper traffic travel trouble trust truth tv typing ugly unfair united states university unknown usa used vagina valentines day violence virginity vocabulary waiting waking up walking war waste water weather weed weight weird wet white whore whores why wife women words work working world writing yelling you young youth youtube

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