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I hate how no one uses cutlery properly! When I was little my parents taught me how to hold them (base of the utensil in the palm of the hand, index finger extended along the back, other fingers gripping the underside of the handle) and I never anyone would be so stupid as to use them any differently. I mean its way more efficient to use them right rather than stabbing at your food with a knife and fork held in your uneducated slobby fists. When I eat dinner with a friend for the first time It makes me sick to watch them pathetically try to cut and scoop food into their mouths in various incorrect, ineffecient (though creative) ways. Yet again I am dissapointed that here is another person I'll never be able to truly respect. I lose even more respect for their lazy useless parents. In fact its the one criterion for a girlfriend I'd never back down on. It just fills me with so much hate! Jul 26 11:46 PM UTC
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I hate that no one believes that i'm naturally skinny. I hate how people think it's ok to call me anorexic, compare me to a stick and tell me to eat a french fry. I do eat, its a basic necessity!! I hate that no matter how much i try to accept my body for what it is, there are always people out there who try to force their insecurities unto me.

I hate that no matter what we have we're always looking for ways to be unhappy with ourselves. I hate that my friends are so insecure and that somehow it feels like it's my fault. Jul 17 8:46 AM UTC
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I hate it when you don't find out who your REAL friends are until you're going through a ton of crap.

I hate that after almost 5 years of working for a company, that when I was laid off only two people in the whole company actually showed any remorse.

A lesson to be learned by all. Never be loyal to any company. Out of 4 1/2 years of employment I called in sick ONCE! Many times I stayed until 9:30 to 10:30 pm on MY time and STILL I was evidently not important enough to keep!

So, all of you corporate wannabes.... go SCREW YOURSELF! Jul 10 6:30 AM UTC
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I hate it when I recommend music to you. Why? Well, here's what happens. I send you a track that is fairly unknown, you listen to it (or at least pretend to), and give some kind of response. Three or four months later, after the track is commercial and everyone has heard of it, you post it on your social networks, announcing that you've "discovered" this great new music. Look, I don't care about being the first one to listen to music, or being the one who got you into whatever, or looking cool. I just wish you'd have the courtesy to care about what I have to say and at least remember some of the things I say to you. Apr 15 4:02 AM UTC
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I hate that all my friends (and my boyfriend's friends) give me a hard time about not drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Yes, I know I'm in university and that I'm legally old enough to drink, I just don't want to. How dare THEY look down on ME and make me feel bad for not wanting to get smashed and do stupid shit!! I also hate that it seems like no one can go out and have a good time anymore without getting drunk. Do you guys (and girls) not realize how sleazy you look with all your "pre-drinking"?? Seriously. I may not "have a good time" like you claim, but at least I don't have to worry about my boss discovering embarrassing photos of me on Facebook from when I was drunk!! Get some self-respect and LEAVE ME ALONE!

Thank GOD I have a boyfriend who agrees with me, otherwise I'd be completely alone. Mar 28 10:02 PM UTC
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im starting to hate my friends more everyday..they just straight up annoy me....i hate them so much....
i dont like even hanging around them but i dont know who to hang out with

I hate people who make mom jokes,"thats what she said" jokes, or making everything into some kind of sexual joke. i mean theres haveing fun and over doing itand these fucking annoy the hell out of me.

i hate i hate people who insult everything....becuase

I hate people that just because certain video games are hard the automatically say that it sucks
or if someone doesnt understand a movie it sucks
what kind of sense does that make bitch face mother fucking so called "friends"

i hate people who cant be fucking serious about about anything..i mean when i say "stop fucking with me i dont want to joke just leave me the fuck alone" these person doesnt fucking get the message and they keep fucking with me Jan 24 2:27 AM UTC
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I hate that I don't have a bunch of numbers in my cell phone. And I don't have very many facebook friends. Or myspace friends. Or friends in general. Masterhater, can I have your number? Can we be friends?? Dec 6 10:50 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Sure, if you think that's best: http://www.facebook.com/masterhater
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I fucking HATE when people respond with "lol" in text messages and IMs.

"lol" is a invalid response. It gives you nothing to discuss, It does not forward the conversation. It usually isn't the result of a real "Laugh out Loud" event anyway. It gives no hint of what the other person is thinking.

Fine, "lol" if you have something else to say atleast. But "lol" as a standalone response? Good grief. This is why I prefer actually talking to people face to face. You can't say "lol" in real life and not say anything else. Dec 3 1:14 AM UTC
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I hate when my friends ask me really personal questions like "Do you masturbate?" or "When was your last period?" or "Do you watch girl-girl porn?" (examples). Why? Do you want to borrow some? How is this any of your business and how does that in ANY way contribute to our friendship? WHY in the hell would anyone think this is need-to-know information?

I know being friends means being able to be yourself and be honest, but it's some shit people shouldn't ask. Nov 3 1:12 PM UTC
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i HATE having to get up early for school.
i HATE bad hair days
i HATE him always being an ignorant pig
i HATE my mum always telling me to huryy up
i HATE that mr x is moving away and i'll never get to see him
i HATE that im afraid of commitment
i HATE that my parents split up
i HATE that i hate 90% of people at school
i HATE that the coolest teacher only teaches one of my classes
i HATE burning myself with the straightener
i HATE that hatebook is the only place i can truely rant
i HATE that no one reads my blogs
i HATE that im a dissapointment to my dad
i HATE that he thinks tattooing isnt a real job
i HATE that my sisters not here anymore
i HATE that i know if i had a realationship it would make everything easier but im to afraid to get hurt
i HATE that i dont like telling my parents when im dating someone
i HATE that my halloween costume sucks
i HATE that my grandmother is picking me up from a local screamo gig
i HATE school
i HATE not having a job
i HATE that i lost them at a party
i HATE that the cutest kid ever is never at school
i HATE that no one has asked me to prom yet
i HATE that everyone thinks their better than me
i'll finish this later Oct 26 9:42 PM UTC
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