I hate that bad teachers exist. Some people should NOT be allowed to be teachers. Actually a lot of people shouldn’t be teachers. The standards are low and shitty these days. Teacher- a high, respectful title, you are a real scholar, you seriously make things happen, people depend on you, trust you, to give them correct information, and to inspire them to think higher and work harder… kids depend on you, the future generation. You are a ROLE MODEL, supposed to be THE good example. Good teachers are SO rare, and they are an enormous relief from the rest of the shit in school, you’re just so damn lucky when you get an actually good teacher, whom you can call a teacher. Teachers are just full of SHIT these days.

I HATE people that talk shit about you behind your back (literally behind your back) and expect you to be nice to them. Are you fucking kidding me?! Like honestly are you stupid how the hell do you expect respect but not show it. I also hate fake people. People who are shallow and put up some fake ass facade of insincere kindness. Pfft these kind of people need to get the asses kicked….just saying . - V.R

I hate it when networks take shows and movies and remake them, especially if they are from another country. It never turns out right. I’m looking at you, fuckass MTV. You know what I’m talking about. I also hate when there’s a new show coming out and someone says “It’s going to be the new Sex and the City/Gossip Girl/Twilight.” Here’s some news for you. All of those suck and the show you’re about to introduce will suck as well. I hate people who get famous from reality TV shows. I hate that everyone thinks Americans are all fatties and rednecks. I hate that I can’t travel. I hate that I feel like I don’t have a culture. I hate people who rip off other cultures just for the hell of it. Like the whole rich white suburban kids wearing Native American headgear thing is so fucking stupid and I’m sure some Natives are pissed about it. I can see if you’re inspired by other cultures, but that’s not inspiration, that’s just trying to be trendy and failing at it. I also hate it when certain people try to look like rockers and they fail. I hate that none of us know who we are. I also hate that now that the world practically revolves around the internet, I keep hearing the words epic and fail everywhere, even on car commercials. I hate it.

I hate facebook and how people gush about their lives on there. What I especially hate about it is that they all try to make their lives sound oh sooooo perfect all the GD time! We all have problems and hardships in our lives. I don’t care who you are all I know is that your kids aren’t perfect, your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t perfect, your marriage isn’t perfect, your friends aren’t perfect, your job isn’t perfect, your life IS NOT PERFECT! Quit with the BS already people. No one likes a fake!

I absolutely cannot stand fake red hair. Especially when these women try to say it’s natural. I’m sorry ladies, but period blood red hair combined with brown eyebrows is not attractive. Nor is it even a common occurence. Most red hair is a shade of orange, not red. And it’s not going to “spice up” your life, middle aged women.

Please, just leave red hair, to red haired people. Hell, as a gingerfaggot myself I’ll admit that most redheads are ugly, but I’d rather look at them than these dipshits trying to make themselves seem special.

I hate haveing my feeling locked inside all the time. Everybody at school sees me as the cold and relaxed chick but actually I’m angry ALL the time. When I’m alone in my room away from everyone else, I go into rages. I trash my room, and my face twists unrecogniseably. I scared the shit out of myself when I looked into a mirror and saw that face. I threw and broke the mirror the next day in another rage. Its always people that set them off. Its always hereing a chick gossip about someone else or something malicious like that. After my rages, the true personality comes out. Its a cold bitch but it never lies.
I hate being fake

I hate celebrities! Most of them turn out to be whores to some degree, they are really materialistic, kinda stuck-up even when they act all nice and modest. And they will never date an ordinary, ‘poor’, ‘boring’ person like you just because you don’t have 56678899000 dollar car, 5678999 dollar shirts, 46779999 dollar shades, and so on. Who in their right mind needs that. Oh and because you’re just not in their ‘caste’. Oh how fancy you are. But you know, you’re no better than me because at least I’m not a whore, I don’t make sex tapes, I don’t get drunk and crazy and party my ass off at some strange parties, etcetera. And you know, even though it doesn’t seem like it, I would rather date a poor person with no taste in clothing or any cool stuff but who is faithful for life, is nice and has the right values. And I hate celebrities. They are all the same. Because they are all pretty fake.

I hate that so many girls act like they’re in love with each other, i.e., act like they’re lesbians, but they’re not. It’s stupid.

I hate people who act dumb or ignorant just to be cute.

It’s no cute, it’s annoying.

i fucking hate how all my friends suck! i hate how my supposed “best friend” turns out to be the biggest fucking bitch around. i hate how she always says that she hates fake people, when it turns out she’s the fakest bitch there is. i fucking hate being lied to. and the thing i hate the most is being so fucking mortified of not having friends, that i will pretend i don’t hate her, just to not be alone.

I hate fake anorexic girls. It seems like EVERY girl watching their weight is calling themseleves anorexic because they’re eating not eating a huge amount of calories anymore.

Don’t people know that anorexia is a rare disease thay only affects about 1% of the population? Um yeah, you girls are DUMBASSES.

I hate fake scene kids. What do I mean by this? I mean the ones who were so preppy, so popular, so rich. Then they decide to be artistic. I don’t feel that you’re hair being different colors or your cute bows and colorful clothes should mean you’re creative the least bit. Suddenly it’s cool to be smart. And all those kids that were faking dumb a year ago have faux intelligent conversations. I hate when people try to be smart. Try to be creative. Or try to be anything really. I’m known for being the smart kid, and the creative, artistic one. And the imposters are taking that away from the people who actually posses these qualities. I hate how money and how much you’re willing to spend on your clothes determines how fashionable you are. I hate how I can be so much more talented than the rich kid, but they go to the better art school because they can afford it. I hate when people don’t know what they like and just say they like something because I do. Have your own thoughts.

I wish things would change, and I can’t wait to get out of high school.

I hate people who facade as a good and close friend then abandon you without reason and without a sound.

i hate it when people (especially girls) act all dumb around guys, and they think its hot?! and they full put an act around them like they’re some kind of little girl with the fakest laugh. and i reallllyyyy hate it when guys actually fall for it! like .. yuck.

i hate people who are like brunettes or whatever [ no offense to them or anything ] but then they dye their hair bleach blond, and you can see their dark roots, and then they go around saying, “I’m a natural blond. I’m malibu barbie, i’m such a dumb blond.” OMG WTF! DO YOU THINK WE’RE IDIOTS?