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I hate that drugs turned my life to shit. I hate the fact that I cant go a month without getting arrested. I hate that I'm quitting pot even though it's the right thing to do. I hate that my friends don't call anymore. I hate how they say that they're there for me and I havent had a call from anyone in two days. I hate that I'm bi and that I will never be happy enough with myself to tell anyone. I hate how I will never be good enough. I hate that I've isolated myself from everyone that actually gave a shit. I hate that I don't have the courage to kill myself and I hate that everyday I want to die more and more.



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I hate everyone who is fake. I hate my school with stupid uniforms and fake people and fucking rules. I hate my mom for not telling me that she was married once before she met dad, and still telling me to be honest. I hate my dad for being what he is and for marrying mom and for making me. I hate the condom make that produced such low quality condoms that i accidentaly was born. I hate GOD because his only purpose in creating people was to have somebody to praise him and thank him all the time. I hate being a christian and desperately hoping that, one day, after i die, i go to stupid fucking heaven where all the angels praise(!!!) GOD. I hate christians because they're just a bunch of hypocrites and they consider themselves GOOD even though they do sin after sin and most of all it freaks me out to see how they dare to criticize other people when it's none of their buisness! and most of all i hate my family and i will kill them all or kill myself if they give me another oportunity. May 12 11:16 AM UTC
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i hate people who think they are being original

Originality is just a word people made up to make themselves feel special. There is no such thing as "being original", because everything has been done before. Everyone thinks they are original but no one truly is, everyone is a poser and their personality is just what they stole off the people surrounding them. I'm tired of people trying to act like they are original.

No one truly has an original fashion sense, because they really are just wearing a stolen idea that was shaped by others.Then their are the so called "rebels and outsider", your not the first group of people to go against the grain, so you aren't being original. Music is extremely repetitive. For example rap, is basically the same beats over and over with different lyrical variations, rock is just the same chords with different screams; music is not original either. Art now adays is just a bunch of kids who think they are being creative, they have no original thought, they take what they see from others. The people who lived before us were original, so people need to get that thought out of their head and stop putting on this charade of "creativity."

I watched this thing on 20/20 about people who have an almost clone that looks exactly like them. Basically someone who is not related to you and from a totally different country and origin, has your same appearance. So that proves that whole thing about you being the only you, is a peace of crap that a bunch of probably god freaks made up; to make people believe that god made you special; LIES! So basically i just have to say this, a person is no one special, they have nothing original about them, and the whole idea of originality is a made up thing. Mar 4 4:47 PM UTC
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I hate plastic surgery!!

fake lips are so ugly!
fake tits are so ugly!
fake asses are so stupid!

dont you know what that crap is going to do to you in 20 years!
I hate that fake look.

Am I alone here?
I mean...is anyone else sick to death of the ugly fake lips that look like swollen anuses!


nasty Feb 5 12:41 AM UTC
me too (67)

I hate how when candy tries to taste like apple and grape and other fruit they really taste different. People wonder why kids won't eat fruit, its because they've been lied too by candy making people!!! Oct 13 2:07 PM UTC
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I hate fakers. Not the ones who pretend to be something they're not. although they are equally annoying they are considerably less pathetic(sadly enough). I'm talking about what I like to call the 'real people'. you'll understand the irony later. These are the people who walk around saying things like 'emos are so lame, look at them they all dress the same and have the same hairdos, don't they know they're clones?' or 'god I hate all those stuck up paris hilton wannabes'. I don't know what color the sun is on your planet you freaking morons but down here nobody is better than anybody else. Say what you want about the people you think are fake or lame but saying those things just puts you in a position to be critisized for being a rude jerkoff. Or perhaps you are covering up your secret life as a closet emo? May 12 8:54 PM UTC
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I hate silly middle school relationships. i hate people breaking up with me. i hate getting hurt so bad. Mar 23 8:07 PM UTC
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I hate how I suck at college not because I suck at the school part but because I never have anything to do on the weekends, WTF, I hate how I suddenly somehow became a loser on coming to college, also I hate how my stupid friends that I thought I had will never hang out with me because they only want me around when they don't have anything else to do, or they are too cool to be friends with me when their other friends are around, or they don't call me because last time they hung out with me I was crabby, well sorry if you made me smoke weed for the first time in my life and then I rode in a car with you and two other high people and it was really stressful, and you took me back to my tiny school where I could have run into any of the really religious people I live with and then the shit would really have hit the fan, Jesus don't you think that's a little bit stressful? I hate weed! And I hate not real friends! Dec 6 10:51 AM UTC
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i hate when youre around a guy and he talks about how hot other girls are. i dont care if i really like him or not. i just hate it. i hate how the guy i like prefers skinny blonde girls with boobs too big for their skinny body. he even said that. his exact words: "yeah i like skinny chicks. like REALLY skinny chicks. and blondes. blondes are the best." GR!! i'm just sick of it. i hate that everyones so obsessed with how skinny u are. and i hate how everyone prefers blondes!!! like a few people ok but EVERYONE!!! its just stupid. i hate that i'm not beautiful and plastic surgery is so expensive but i dont want fake beauty but i guess asking for real beauty is too much. i hate being fat with dark hair instead of skinny with blonde hair. th weight problem i can fix but i am not gonna ruin my hair. i hate not being tan but i dont wanna go rapidly age my skin in a tanning bed. i hate that i'm so "uncool" for not smoking cigs but i kinda value the use of my lungs.....plus just another thing thatll rapidly age me.... i hate that i'm so obsessed with trying to take care of myself but i still look like shit. i hate how its so obvious to everuone that my self esteem is low and they take advantage of it. i hate the scars all over my arms and legs from cutting myself which is also very very stupid. if u havent ever cut yourself dont ever start. just dont. its horrible. Oct 17 3:25 PM UTC
Masterhater says: blondes suck! Gray hair or bald is where it is at. One day we will all be there.
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I hate people who have signatures longer than their posts. I hate the long signatures themselves. I hate that my girlfriend's mom is too nosy and makes not only my girlfriend's life, but my life too, a living hell.
I hate that my mom says I make her want to kill herself. I hate that she thinks I'm faking seizures and won't take me to the doctor. I hate that she goes on her little self-righteous tyrades and doesn't realize that no matter what she says I see right through her.
...I hate a lot of stuff today. Oct 3 7:44 AM UTC
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