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I hate that I took a 62% pay cut-- $50,000-- so that I didn't have to move away from my husband to have a job. Now I do entry-level work and my new boss has forgotten my name all three times he's ever talked to me. So much for that MBA, amazing career, and trying to get pregnant this year. Feb 26 5:17 PM UTC
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I hate when white people say racist things and then try to explain to me why they are not racist because they have black friends, listen to hip hop, and like michael jordan Aug 6 8:34 AM UTC
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I hate being a white Native cause people forget to censor their hate toward me. I get it from both sides hated for being half white by the natives and hated by the whites for being half native. WTF! Sep 2 3:40 AM UTC
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I hate itching! Why do humans have to itch? Sep 1 8:03 PM UTC
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I hate the way some people chew chips. For example, they grind a chip/it sounds muffled, but then it gets louder and louder, or when they bite down on a chip hard, the crunch sound echoes from their freaking mouth. Sep 1 7:17 PM UTC
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I hate when I go in the kitchen to get something to eat, other people go in the kitchen too. Sep 1 6:49 PM UTC
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I hate when people say "what", even though they heard what the person said. Aug 31 7:26 PM UTC
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i hate the fact that when i first started art in high school, i didnt try. i hate how my friend and i are equally good but she got discovered.. i hate how when i showed my art from home to my art teacher, she didnt give a shit (and i spent 3-5 hours on that). i hate how when i went to show a different art teacher my drawing, she didnt listen. my dad said that the drawing i did was above average of what a 12 year old can do. is it just a lie? am i really that terrible? i have been doing art 2-5 hours a day for almost 10 years. was it for nothing? i told my dad the other day im giving up art but he and my friend convinced me to keep going. but every time i start or finish a drawing it reminds me that i know im probably never going to get anywhere in life like this but i still find drawing fun.what should i do?? Aug 31 5:04 PM UTC
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I hate when people always say "hey" or "what". Aug 31 4:51 PM UTC
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i cant believe those Stupid fucking water things you put in hamster cages to keep them hydrated. thanks to them, they decided to clog themselves up while im on holiday and kill my hamster. i cant believe the make of that plastic piece of shit. the inventor of that thing probably said to himself "now is my chance to create something that will risk hundreds of hamster deaths" didnt anyone ever think of this kind of problem?! turns out people are wayyy to into making complicated technology and improving them while the most simplist things in life need improvement. those bastards. you are probably wondering why the hell am i going mental about a hamster, well if you are wondering, fuck off Aug 31 4:43 PM UTC
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where do i even begin. I hate society so much, everyone posting about last nights party that i had no idea about. I hate the fact that im not allowed to be with my friends all the time and for that i blame my parents, im such a fucking loser. Aug 31 4:04 PM UTC
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I hate these cunts that use public forums like this to advertise their piece of ducking shot products or service which is obviously either shite or just a ducking scam so I wish those people would just phick right off and I hope their very own bot does one day mutate into the softwate virus that causes their life support machine to shut off unexpectedly. Fucking parasitical advertising khunts. Aug 31 12:20 PM UTC
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