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I hate blue tooth headsets and the people attached to them. Unless you're doing some work that requires constant use of your hands, in which case you shouldn't even be on the phone in the first place, you don't need one. Pick up the phone, put it to your ear, and stop looking like a schizo. Feb 3 8:46 AM UTC
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I hate movie plots that are totally far fetched, so close to impossible that the movie just becomes stupid. Sure impossible things can happen in fantasy movies, but what about movies like "Mad Max" or "Doomsday"? Both are set in a future world where civilization has fallen and the world is overrun by gangs running around in crazy vehicles and motorbikes.

So in "Mad Max", there hasn't been a new motorbike sold in fifty years. There have been no repair shops, spare parts, rubber tyres or fuel stations. Max however is chased by hordes of guys on bikes and cars. Similar plot holes exist in Waterworld, Doomsday etc.

The bad guys act like savages, but can still find really cool leather clothes and costumes, they seem to have enough food to eat and are in good health without any doctors.

Come on movie script writers. A future like this could never happen. "Mad Max" and "Doomsday" are not fantasy films. There are no magical creatures in them, so the future shown in the movie is supposed to be a future that could actually happen someday. However the plots just aren't thought through. I mean endless hordes of bad guys who have no visible way to survive and just seem to pop out of the ground with running motorbikes and elaborate costumes? It's just silly and makes the whole movie ridiculous. Jan 2 4:25 AM UTC
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I hate my mum. She is always so fucking negative and is always having a ""bad day" She doesnt let me have any friends and she just wants me to be lonely like her. Jul 11 2:28 PM UTC
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I hate rude friends that you have to deal with! Jul 11 3:22 AM UTC
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I hate that a no good piece of excrement can accuse me of a crime and get away with it because of thier race and thier immigrant status.

About KNAJ, please dont be bitter against her/it. Life will catch up with her/it, especially if she/it is using drugs.

I hate drugs, they are a curse and anyone who uses them is under the constraint of the worst curse humanity can endure.

Have mercy, drop this person and go on your way. Jul 10 7:54 PM UTC
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Today me and my bigger brother who is 13 were washing my dog.I went inside to change clothes because i got wet. Then he punches me for changing. I wanted to freakin punch his face in so badly. Also when i get mad I stop to cry. Then when I walked away he went to my room and said:" Baby going to cry." You have no idea how badly I wanted to rip his face off!!!!!!! Jul 10 7:08 PM UTC
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I hate my mom she makes me do school work in the summer! How cruel is that? Jul 10 2:19 PM UTC
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i hate bing i hate it so much because it is retarded the little adds on the botem it pisses me off:# Jul 10 6:02 AM UTC
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I hate that you even have to mention the abolishment of seat for Maori. Must be a reason for it...Hate Jul 10 4:10 AM UTC
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I hate my Family (especially the mormons) who never tolerates the cross Jesus died on! I do not tolerate Mormons anymore. Because Mormons thinks they are smarter than God, But they are not! All Mormons are stupid and Dorks! according to the LDS temple, The LDS Temple is more of a house of a Devil more than God. I hate the LDS Temple, and I do not tolerate it anymore! and Also, I hate grandparents that are mormons, I hate uncles and aunt that are Mormons, I hate Cousins that are mormons, I hate uncles and aunts-in-laws that are mormons, too! This relationship with the Mormon family is over! I am so Done with them! I never want to know them, anymore. I never want to know the damn Mormon people anymore. I never knew nobody but nobody as my family or friends anymore. Jul 10 3:43 AM UTC
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I hate the immigrants, not because I am a xenophobe, but because they are strangers... Jul 10 1:08 AM UTC

i hate belgians!!!! i hate their fucking horrible language, their stupid discrimination and of course their shitty coldness behind their dumb faces of pseudointellectualism! i hate them, stupid assholes! Jul 9 9:10 PM UTC
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