i hate when people are like im so in love when there only like 12-13 years old

I hate my ISPs!!1 It sucks. They spy on you and filter your traffic, they intentionally promise you more bandwidth than you actually get, they manipulate you into signing up for all kinds of packages and then they install their rubbish equipment inside your network and force you to use it. When everything fails and you contact support, you find yourself stuck on the phone line with a computer-illiterate person that has no clue and they start blaming it on the phone company, or whatever. F*!@#

That awkward moment when you realize that you actually have no friends.

I hate humans. Every last 1 they disappoint me with their wasted potential

I hate how I am unable to put my feelings into my writing.

I hate people that are hating on you for the reason that others can laugh about you. It hurts )=

i hate how the girls at my school thinks it cool to die their ends of their hair blond. i hate how the popular girls push people around and verbally abuse people. its not fair. its really not ok.

I hate the emptiness- the black hole that surrounds me and threatens to envelope the only remains shreds of validity I have left.

I am in a void- a void begging to be filled with peaceful rest.

i hate it when someones opinion of me changes when they find out im atheist its like i become good friends with someone and when they find out im atheist they stop talking to me and treat me like im a fucking serial killer fuck you if you think this way

i hate teachers that try to make you feel stupid for not understanding the material its like come on your supposed to be showing me what to do not ridiculing me in front of the whole class because i asked for help…asshole

I hate my life. I hate my guts. I want to die and i consider my self as a screwed up idiot.

I hate people that are “offended” all the time. I hate that a small minority of “offended” shit bags ruin it for the rest of us. I hate this system of “political correctness”… it is destroying what was once a great nation. The lowest common denominator is *not* what a successful country should strive for.

i hate that i have no clue what to do with my life at 26 i hate that ill die workin a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life i hate knowin that

I hate when people worship their dead. It always sucks when somebody dies (well, almost always…well, sometimes….). But you got these people who even 20 years after the person passes they still talk about their death like it just happened yesterday. They put this person up on a pedestal like they were some kind of hero when they were just mortal average beings like everybody else.

Parents who treat their children differently.

I understand it may be hard, but no one said parenting was easy.

If you have kids, treat them fairly!