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I hate the way the police will tip toe around gangs and come down hard on ordinary citizens.

Recently I hired a rubbish skip. Some local riff raff decided to put their rubbish in my skip. When I caught them doing it, I got a fist waved under my nose and told to fuck off.

When I rang the cops I get this big speech about how those people are gang members and it is best not to upset them. If they are charged with what they did, they will simply get angry with me. They will feel they owe me one and set about paying me back. Once they start picking on me, my life will become a living hell and so on.

Great! So ordinary people like you and me would be charged with that sort of thing, but because these scum are gang members they get special treatment.

So if you want a good reason to join a gang, here's one. The police will give you preferentail treatment over the rest of us. Perhaps I should join a gang. It's starting to look like a good idea if that is how the police will treat me. Mar 7 4:31 AM UTC
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i hate people who hate smokers.
if they don't like it, they can walk away. it's really not hard.
there will be smokers, so just fucking deal with it, its a party of life.
i hate how people can complain about little things, like smoke. Nov 20 11:23 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Yeah, and people she be able to fart whenever they want. That is just part of life. People should just accept those who want to just sit around farting and smoking. Maybe Tom Selleck should come back as the ever so popular "farting smoker" and make it sexy.
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I too hate the natural selection fucker. His rants lack intelligence. Get a life asshole Apr 10 1:23 AM UTC

I hate a person by the name of lunnel, he caused me a lot of pain and trouble and is now happily living his life when he should be suffering, I hope the worst thing that can happen to a person happens to him 5 times over, and 5 times over to everyone who he truly loves and cares about Apr 10 1:22 AM UTC

I hate Asian girls, they are so immature na´ve and live such sheltered lives its unreal- they are the Bollywood equivalent of a bimbo Barbie. They are stuck up and mouthy tarts, with to much lip that should spend more time in the kitchen at home and less time giving me the business Apr 10 1:20 AM UTC

stupid boys and their stupid goddamn feelings jesus chrust Apr 10 1:20 AM UTC

I ABSOLUTELY HATE MIXED RACE PEOPLE, I think that they cause damage towards the black community they think they are superior to black people, in everyway shape and form. They think they own black people and think and feel that they should be accepted, they are quick to put down black people, and uplift white people so much so niggers betta stop calling them black, I want them to be exterminated Apr 10 1:18 AM UTC

I hate all world {fuckface} leaders. I hate natural selection fuckface. Sorry two different rants... Apr 10 1:13 AM UTC

I hate natural selection fucker. Shoot him first Apr 10 1:03 AM UTC

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