A message from Anonymous

I hate that the word sex is used instead of gender. That's just stupid. Gender is the proper term. The word gender comes from genes. That makes sense. Sex shouldn't be used as a synonym to gender.

A message from Anonymous

I hate how I always see the best in people, only to eventually realise that I was wrong about them. Of course you won't reply now that I don't put up with your crap anymore. Disappointed now? I really don't care how you reacted. I'm so sick of the way you take others' time for granted, and are so unreliable. Luckily, soon enough I'll never have to see you again.

A message from Anonymous

I hate it when you are tired all day, then when it's time for bed you can't sleep for hours. Then on weekends you can't stay up past 9pm. What gives sleep cycle?

i hate being in this cruel world

i hate TV commercials. they are so annoying. like nobody cares!

I hate rude friends that you have to deal with!

I hate getting anxiety from worrying about my future life, money problems, joblessness, and other issues. It fucking stresses me out.

I fucking hate God who damns the good with his test of misery, pain, suffering and poverty. But at the same time God blesses the evil with prosperity, happiness, riches and a good life because he sees them as his chosen few who receives all this at the expense of the good being in eternal test of God via a life of hell. Fuck God and all the bullshit he represents.

i hate that im alive

I fucking hate life, I fucking hate people, I fucking hate everything. The end.

Hate when i just finished my shower and i feel like i need a take a s***…

I hate how nervous I am.

I hate anxiety.

I hate the constant stomach aches and stress caused by my own worrying.

I hate how the pills no longer work.

I hate being afraid to live.

I hate it that no one gets I am just introverted

My mental problems

I fucking hate everyone on this planet. Everyone is such idiots and make me want to die