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I hate working as a temp. I get paid less to do the same work that a permanent worker would get (about $5 more per hour.) Plus, I have no paid time off (even holidays hours are not paid for.) This a cheap way corporations get good workers without paying the price. I want to find a better job. I hate being degraded by corporate slum. The world is a slave plantation. Jan 14 9:19 AM UTC
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i hate it when clothes have such complicated washing/drying instructions, like this here jacket: "machine wash cold separately with mild detergent in large capacity washer... non-clorine bleach when needed, tumble dry low in large capacity dryer with tennis balls... WTF?! Apr 17 10:15 PM UTC
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I hate that I have to watch my kids get picked on by other kids. Nothing out of what is unfortunately ‘ordinary’. They are not being bullied, but just every once in a while some jerk off comes along and says or does something mean to one of the children, just for the sake of being mean. My daughter was on some little kids website last night, and some kid asked her to give him something in the game and he in return would ‘rate’ her. She did what he asked, whatever the thing in the game was, in good faith. The kid rated her as zero. She asked why he rated her a zero and he said ‘because you’re ugly.’ All this kid sees of my daughter is an animated avatar and he’s calling her ugly. I, at 41, get that the kid is just a douche. But my daughter, who is only 13, had her feelings hurt. She was crying or anything, but she’s just on the website trying to pass the time and have a good time and this little douche bag just comes along with his shittiness and puts it on my daughter. Some jerk off broke into her locker and stuck a pencil through an art project she spent the better part of a week working on. Why? Just to be a prick. You couldn’t pay me to be a kid again. At least when you’re an adult people just ignore you and leave you alone rather than going out of their way to do mean things just for the sake of it. Apr 3 3:47 PM UTC

I hate the way we treat our kids. A lot of us go to work figuring out ways to seduce our kids into buying something we sell. Then the parents are seduced by the kids to buy it. A vicious cycle that we should be better than. Apr 3 12:42 AM UTC
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i hate my country syria being in a civil war. Apr 2 11:54 PM UTC
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Stupid motorbike rider morons with their childish ways. I absolutely despise/hate them because, they are grown men! acting like children in a playground, riding around on their bikes pissing others off with their noisy crappy mobiles. Not only that, they have "clubhouses" like treehouses, but for grown men with no job and intellectual capacity. Hells Angels....aaaarrgghh....get a LIFE! In fact any and all "gangs", grow up, get a job and a razor with shaving cream please. You are useless to society and you are dragging down the collective intelligence of our entire species. If this does not suit you...no matter, chances are good you will ride drunk on your stupid bike and die anyway! Happy trails fuckers! Apr 2 12:23 PM UTC
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I hate when people watch hindi TV soaps over dinner. I hate when their lives are regulated by those 30 minutes of pure stupid. I hate to find out that so many people are at the bottom of the evolution curve.I hate to see that these TV soaps exist and will continue to remain forever. Apr 2 6:45 AM UTC

I hate my family for being gay and stupid. I hate them because they are poor and trashy and fucking ignorant and gay. Apr 2 5:37 AM UTC

I hate being the fat guy at the gym with a tiny penis and all the big strong guys laugh and girls are disgusted by me and they laugh at me too. I hate this. Apr 2 5:34 AM UTC
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i hate the fact that someone I knew I had and apparently have never gotten over how I feel/felt about them suckered me in and acted like I was fucking trash. good riddance never needed you anyway just a thorn in my side. Apr 1 10:06 PM UTC

I hate thinking about dying. I hate thinking about dying because everyone we love and we ourselves will die and there is nothing we can do to stop it so why even think about it? Apr 1 8:05 AM UTC
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I hate poverty and not having all the shit I want. I hate poverty and others not having the shit they want. I hate being poor or others being poor because it makes people suffer too much and shit. Apr 1 7:39 AM UTC
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