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I hate microwaving food that tastes better when it's heated in a toaster or conventional oven. Sometimes I too lazy to wait for my frozen pizza to cook in the oven so I microwave it. The result is always less than satisfying. Aug 10 10:52 AM UTC
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I hate it when I am sleeping so comfortably, but have to get up to pee and when I get back in bed, I can't fall back asleep. I would have been able to last night, but my stupid neighbor's dog kept barking. Bark. Bark. Bark. Bark. Bark. Non stop for like God knows how long. I just woke up, got on the computer for a while, then went back to sleep for like 3 hours. Now I have a headache and don't won't to go to work at ALL right now. May 17 6:17 AM UTC
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I hate all the people I know!!! I dont know why the fuck everyone treats me so bad! I have been there for each and every fucking person in their bad times and gave them emotional support! BUT NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN THERE FOR ME!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO FUCKING DIE Jul 18 6:02 AM UTC

What do you do? <a href=" http://sallywakelin.co.uk/make-iphone-spy/ ">spy software for verizon mobile phone</a> Sit in on a patient interview. Jul 18 3:28 AM UTC

Every UPA appointed governor was asked to leave by Modi Govt except Delhi Lt Governor . Why ? Is There any reason !!! Jul 17 5:46 AM UTC
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I Hate that this site is shut down by peole who post malignant numeric bullshit!

I watch this site religiously. I love all the things that people post in order to love. Hate is an offshoot of love. A Christian philosophy basically calls on us to bring people together and define what we hate in order to solve the raw feelings which precipitate into War.

People here are describing a defect of themselves here, they want a response.

I hate black people.
I hate them because I hate the irreverance they popularize in our permissive society.

This point of view is exterminted by people who hate freeedom, people who engage in a permissive, pervasive lie, multi culturalism is good. (False).

This website is inundated with bullshit because we are bound to not believe in one another. This hate is sanctioned because Man will never love, nor will Man accept intelligent, relevent discssion.

I love you all, Acne person, I hate my Wife dude, I hate my Mom girl, I hate my boyfriend vixen, I hate my Wife rebel, I love you all.

The biggest hater is the one who seeks the death of our need to voice our frustration. We are People, you are one of us, life goes on, Hate will now reside within us.

What good did you do with all that you do to silence us? Nothing. You do nothing. You champion nothing, you are the apex of what we all hate. You, who flood this site with bullshit, are the aechetypical coward. You are an abberation of human free will.

I curse your loved ones with cancer. Watch them burn and love them more and more as they dissipate in agony before you. Love the malignant thing that grows in you with the same vehemenence with which you determine your judgement of us, bring your dilligent haterd on yourself through the suffering of your Children and sit proud in the excrement of all that represents the limited contributions you have given your Family.

You will never see the error of the righteousness you believe to be true, what so ever you wish upon us we grant our lord the prayers to vist upon you. Jul 16 7:45 AM UTC

I hate my mother she is a fucking bitch , she gets angry over nothing . And then lectures for about 5 hours . And she is quite stubborn and rude Jul 15 10:35 PM UTC
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I hate when people say there amazing at coding and dont even understand when i say what language of coding do you use? Jul 15 9:06 PM UTC

I hate the fact that I love seeing a needle in my arm. Jul 15 1:55 PM UTC

I hate that I was born blind and there is nothing I can do about it. Jul 15 5:55 AM UTC

Im not sure that I hate her my mother I mean
She is my mum afterall and after all shes done I cant help loving her even if it is a little bit
But when I do the urge to end this all of it is so very strong I just cant go on any longer
She hates me for sure I am but another responsiblity for her ,
a reminder of my father the good for nothing person he is
It helps that I look like her
I even know that it is the reason She has kept me still
But the urge is strong so strong
If I dont exist anymore there wont be anymore fights
So this is what I hate
I hate myself
I hate life
I hate my father
I hate that I hate myself
I just want everyting to stop
to end
I hate this never ending routine of insults and then nonchalance
I reminder Jul 14 9:53 AM UTC
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I even hate saying I hate. Jul 12 3:50 PM UTC
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