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I hate that my local NPR station uses this crappy telemarketing firm (Comnet Marketing of Medford, OR) to pester me for even more money once I've pledged. It's like, hello, I've already given you all I can afford. All I get in return is mystery calls, every single day, at all hours, from a damn telemarketer who won't even leave me a voicemail to let me know why he or she is calling me (I only figured out what was going on by calling the number back late one night), nor when he or she might stop! The worst part is, it's my own damn fault that they have my real phone number, because I keep forgetting to give them a fake number when I pledge each year, because I keep forgetting that they use these crappy telemarketing people. So, basically, I hate sabotaging myself. Dammit. Nov 30 4:37 PM UTC
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I hate the credit system in America, and I hate how by the time you've learned why it's so bad, it's usually too late to shovel yourself out of it. I hate how the government allows credit companies to get away with whatever they want while people who don't yet know any better get crushed under an avalanche of debt that they can never recover from. I hate how the credit industry, realizing that more and more people had discovered the bankruptcy reset that might give them a chance to fix it and start fresh without the crushing, smothering debt, paid off the government until they made bankruptcy not work that way anymore, so there's never a way out, all you can do is put it off and hope you can save up enough one day that you can make it stop, while somehow putting the kids through school. Isn't that nice of them? Oct 18 3:01 PM UTC
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I hate my mom she makes me do school work in the summer! How cruel is that? Jul 10 2:19 PM UTC

i hate bing i hate it so much because it is retarded the little adds on the botem it pisses me off:# Jul 10 6:02 AM UTC

I hate that you even have to mention the abolishment of seat for Maori. Must be a reason for it...Hate Jul 10 4:10 AM UTC

I hate my Family (especially the mormons) who never tolerates the cross Jesus died on! I do not tolerate Mormons anymore. Because Mormons thinks they are smarter than God, But they are not! All Mormons are stupid and Dorks! according to the LDS temple, The LDS Temple is more of a house of a Devil more than God. I hate the LDS Temple, and I do not tolerate it anymore! and Also, I hate grandparents that are mormons, I hate uncles and aunt that are Mormons, I hate Cousins that are mormons, I hate uncles and aunts-in-laws that are mormons, too! This relationship with the Mormon family is over! I am so Done with them! I never want to know them, anymore. I never want to know the damn Mormon people anymore. I never knew nobody but nobody as my family or friends anymore. Jul 10 3:43 AM UTC

I hate the immigrants, not because I am a xenophobe, but because they are strangers... Jul 10 1:08 AM UTC

i hate belgians!!!! i hate their fucking horrible language, their stupid discrimination and of course their shitty coldness behind their dumb faces of pseudointellectualism! i hate them, stupid assholes! Jul 9 9:10 PM UTC

I hate being an entitled, immature arse hole. I hate promising to change myself but not going anywhere. I hate being. Jul 9 7:56 PM UTC
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I hate having a binge eating disorder and an under eating disorder. It fucking SUCKS! Jul 9 7:15 PM UTC
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I hate getting anxiety from worrying about my future life, money problems, joblessness, and other issues. It fucking stresses me out. Jul 9 5:16 PM UTC
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Fuck old men. They are creepy as hell. Also fuck peas. Jul 9 2:14 PM UTC

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